Joshua Slocum Society International

The Joshua Slocum Society International (JSSI) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1955, of cruising sailors, writers, and people interested in the historical personage of Capt. Joshua Slocum and his legacy.

It is an organization dedicated to supporting sailboating, particularly singlehanded voyaging. It celebrates the accommplishments of Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail alone around the world.
            - unfortunately the Joshua Slocum Society International was disbanded in 2011

Joshua Slocum born 1844, missing at sea 1909. Sea captain during the age of sail.

Joshua Slocum Society International new Official Website - November 2001. - Since 2011 the Society no longer exists, however,
its web presence is archived with access at the web address above as of Feb. 2018.

When it existed the contact information was -

          The Society's burgee (flag) is the house flag of the last commercial sailing outfit that employed Joshua Slocum.

Joshua Slocum's voyage, on the Liberdade from Brazil to the East Coast of USA has been recently recreated.
David Sinnett-Jones, of Wales, constructed a near-reproduction of the Liberdade and sailed it half-way across the Atlantic in 1998.
The voyage then continued, following Slocum's track and recently completed the journey, arriving in Norfolk, Virginia, USA on May, 23, 2000.

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