Books By and About Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum wrote 3 books, they are titled:

There are several books about Joshua Slocum
There are several books about Slocum's boat, the Spray

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A few good sources for Slocum's books are listed below:
Click Here to see the publisher Sheridan House's Slocum ofering. Search around this site for many other great sailing titles.
Sheridan House (Publishers), 145 Palisade St., Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-1617, Phone: (914) 693-2410
           sadly - Sheridan House Publishers is out-of-business

Dover Publications Inc., 31 E 2nd St., Mineola, NY 11501-3582, Phone: (516) 294-7000
sells, among lots of other titles, an edition of The Voyage of the Liberdade.

Sailing Alone Around the World from Project Gutenberg
Voyage of the Liberdage html version Eldritch

The Voyage of the Liberdade from Project Gutenberg
Voyage of the Liberdage html version Eldritch

The Voyage of the Liberdade full text, in a pure text (not html) version. on this server - also on Proj. Gutenberg

The Voyage of the Destroyer full text on Eldritch server.
Voyage of the Destroyer from manybooks .net

Joshua Slocum books on manybooks .com

The Circumnavigators small boat voyagers of modern times by Don Holm.
    This book has a chapter on Slocum, and chapters on 38 other small boat circumnavigators. It was originally published in 1974.

Smithsonian Magazine is celebrating the accomplishment of the first solo circumnavigation with a detailed article. Click Here for more details on the article, a pointer to the Smithsonian site, and the text of an abstract of the article.


Some interesting links to web pages celebrating Joshua Slocum

Col. Donn C. Slocum's web site is being re-built.
Click Here for a great Australian web site created and maintained by Kendal Slack, whose father, Ken, developed detailed plans to build a Spray replica, built a Spray replica and wrote an excellent book on the subject.
Click Here for an interesting Slocum page that includes some very interesting photos. Sometimes this page needs to be re-loaded to come up clearly - do it - its worth the wait.

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