There were two sources for plans modeled after Joshua Slocum's SPRAY.


SPRAY Plans - created by Ken Slack, author of In the Wake of the Spray
Ken Slack is no longer living.

Plans were being sold by Kendal Slack, one of Ken's sons.
A full set of plans were being sold for AU$795.00 plus shipping.
The plans are no longer available.
Kendal Slack and his father lived in Australia

The website that was used for the Spray plans is no longer in existance.

Concerning these plans, Ken wrote:
"My plans are as close to the original as possible,
since I prepared them for my own use and
have no need to respond to market demands."

The set comprised:

1. Lines plan and table of offsets, scale one inch to the foot.
2. Construction plan and table of specifications, scale one inch to the foot.
3. Special construction plan with details of sternpost, deadwood and rudder, together with a transom expansion, scale one inch to the foot.
4. Sail plan and rigging profile, scale half inch to the foot.


R. Bruce Roberts-Goodson is the author of "SPRAY the Ultimate Cruising Boat"
The web sites have details and graphics on the various versions of SPRAY plans
that Bruce Roberts has available.

Bruce Roberts versions of SPRAY plans:
Bruce Roberts Spray plans on the web.
These plans look like the original Spray but are much modernized.


International office

Bruce Roberts Yacht Design
Rampart Lodge
Rampart Lane,
Co Cork
Republic of Ireland

Website: www.

For Bruce-Roberts plans in Australia, NZ, Oceania and South Africa
please contact Andy Slorach who has been associated with Bruce Roberts for over 40 years.
Telephone Australia 07 5450 1962 - - Mob: 0431 482 311 - - International: + 617 5450 1962

Australian Bruce-Roberts website

The creater of this web page has no interest, financial or otherwise with either of these suppliers,
nor does he have any knowledge of the plans accuracy or fitness for purpose.
Should you wish to do business with either, you pay your money and you make your choice.

Finally, there is the Slocum Spray Society, Inc. of Australia
Although this society is no longer active their website is still up (as of February 2018).

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