The Joshua Slocum Society International (JSSI) Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the completion of Slocum's first solo circumnavigation in the last week of June, 1998.

Tony Burris (crew on LIBERDAD)    Bill Strauss (member)    David Sinnett-Jones, builder of
                                                                               ZANE SPRAY and the LIBERDADE
                                                                               from Wales, UK.
                                                                          David is also a member of the Golden Circle from 1988,
                                                                          a solo circumnavigator via the Horn in a Spray and,.
                                                                          the recipient of the 1988 Voss Award.
           David Sinnett-Jones homepage is located at . It contains considerable information on his life and voyages, and the current Liberdade project. A sponsor is being sought for a re-creation of Slocum's voyage from Brazil to Boston.


    JSSI Commodore Ted Jones and wife June Jones (JSSI Secretary/Treasurer)
Note the SPRAY replica behind and to the left of Commodore Jones.

Photos provided by Commodore Jones

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