Maureen Ann Jenkins of London, England, better known as Mo surprised the J.S.S.I. by sailing into Newport on her 33' Bruce Roberts Spray, " Lucia" built by Paul Fay in 1994.

With only a few years of experience in sailing, in May 1995 Mo singlehanded sailed " Lucia" to Horta in the Azores in time for the 1995 Slocum centenary celebration. She was the only Spray to have made it! The Slocum Spray Society of the U.K. recognized her achievements by naming her " Yachts Lady of the Year."

In the next two years Mo singlehanded from the Canaries to Grenada, Dominica and on to Bermuda & Rhode Island to be a part of the 1998 Centennial Celebration honoring Slocum's return to Newport. Indeed we were honored by the courageous efforts of this charming lady and presented her with a gold pendant in the form of " Spray" . We look forward to her next adventure!
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Peter Kittel was born in 1939 in Vienna, Austria. Over the years he has worked as a steel worker, professional diver (which led him to sailing), delivery skipper, instructor, lecturer and freelance writer. He first sailed on blue water in 1966 and made his first Atlantic crossing in 1968. At present Peter has logged in excess of 135,000 nautical miles all sailed on slow boats and in conservative fashion.

Peter began his circumnavigation on " Tehani," a 34' Chinook sloop in December 1992 and completed it in January 1998, calling at Salinas, Ecuador on January 24, 1998. It should be noted that he did his circumnavigation purely under sail, and without two-way radio. One-third of the circumnavigation, including navigating the Tuamotus, was done with sextant only, before he got a GPS. He continued his trip south to Chiloe, Chile, and has been refitting " Tehani ".

The Society was pleased to present Peter with an Honorary Life Membership. We were amazed when Peter announced he would fly in from Austria after giving lectures to raise money to attend the celebration honoring Slocum. Even though you are but a tiny pearl in the oceans of the world you are large in the hearts of the J. S. S. I.

See more on his website www.juprowa.com/kittel



DOUG PECK - Singlehander/Historian

Tommy Thomas, long time Slocum Society Member, flew in from Bellevue, Washington to present Colonel Douglas T. Peck the Hakluyt Award for his contribution in the field of nautical literature. The J. S. S. 1. appreciates the efforts and enthusiasm Tommy exhibited in bringing to our attention Doug's singlehanded voyages in tracking Christopher Columbus and Ponce de Leon.

The main thrust of Peck's book is on the expertise of Columbus in both seafaring and navigation. In his sailed empirical reconstruction of the voyage from Columbus' log, Peck proved without equivocation that the dead reckoning navigation was accurate to within 0.01 percentile, and that his landfall was on San Salvador rather than Samana Cay as advocated by the National Geographic Society. There are others who have claimed they sailed Columbus'route, but Peck is the only one who sailed it in a scientifically controlled research voyage exactly following Columbus' daily compass headings and distances from Columbus' log!

Doug's books, " Ponce de Leon and the Discovery of Florida," published by Pogo Press, St. Paul, MI and " Cristoforo Columbo - God's Navigator " certainly establish Doug as a recognized historian as well an experienced and knowledgable seaman who has sailed the entire routes of the voyages in his field research.

The J. S. S. I. looks forward to Doug's next quest.


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