Design and Construction of a 13 foot sailing skiff

in McAllen, Texas, USA
part 5
Gerard Mittelstaedt with help from friends.

Launching and First Sail
3 August 2003
at Port Isabel, Texas, USA

Backing down the ramp.

Launching, just prior to christening, and naming the boat Ocean Breeze.

Sailing with a Dolphin Senior sail,
mounted on a yard and boom made from closet poles,
and an old 2 inch diameter, 14 foot long dingy mast.


Sailing with the rig borrowed from one of my 8 ft. dingys.
Note the line from the forward edge of the leeboard to the cleat on deck. This line was necessary to haul the leeboard deep enough to give enough lateral resistance. The leeboard was not weighted, and without this being rigged the leeboard kept floating up.
The line aft is the aft control line on the leeboard, and the penant used to haul it up to a stored position.

Joseph at the helm.

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