Whom the Sea Has Taken - 204 Days Alone on a Raft from Peru to Australia
by Willis, William - 1893- (disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean 1968)
pub. by Meredith Press, NY 1967       isbn (none) ASIN B008IY578U -     - LCCN = 67- - - 246 p. - map on lining papers - illustrated
This book is Willis own description of his voyage on a raft, made of steel tubes, from Peru to Australia.
William Willis was a mariner who had experience at sea. Late in life he decided to raft across the Pacific, and did so. He had several adventures as might be expected. He had difficulty with an inguinal hernia, and put himself back in shape by tying a rope to his feet and hanging himself up on the mast until his condition was (temporarily) relieved.
He was an adventurer who accomplished his goal. Note that this was his second rafting across the Pacific. He rafted across the Pacific previously in a balsa log raft. Note also that he always sailed without human company, but often with an animal or two.
Read this book to discover what a truly determined man can do. ~ 1968 ~

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