The West in My Eyes. a domestic circumnavigation
by Wiele, Annie Van de
pub. by Dodd Mean and Co, NY, 1956 -       printed by Adlard and Son Ltd., London and Dorking       isbn -none- orig Penelope Etaut du Voyage printed in France. - some maps. b&w photos - Appendix by her husband and the captain, L. G. Van de Wiele who describes the Omoo and gives tips on passage making p. 279-284 - diagrams Sail Plan, Accommodation Plan, Lines, and management of the twin staysails diagrams at the end of the book. - it is 288 p. long.
This is the story of a cruise around the world very shortly after WWII. It is notable because it is written by and told from the point of view of the single female (wife of captain) crew member.
It is a peek into the immediately post WWII world, a somewhat simpler time related to travel paperwork. A time before many of the modern aids to ocean sailing including modern anti-fouling bottom paint usable on a steel hull as well as aids to navigation (no GPS, limited radio etc.)
The author is not shy about stating her opinions of the people she met along the way, describing what she understands to be national traits.
Several other notable voyagers of this era are met on the voyage, and others are mentioned.

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