How to Build a Tin Canoe - Confessions of an Old Salt
by White, Robb
pub. by Hyperion - 2003     isbn 1-4013-0027-8
- - 228 p. - - boatbuilding - biography
This book is really more autobiography of a fameous US builder of small boats. He lived in Thomasville, Georgia, and Dog Island, Florida, Robb White died May 16, 2006. He was born June 4, 1941. Robb served in the US Navy, earned a teaching degree and taught high school, and worked on towboats, but his love was boatbuilding even though he often had to work at other things to make financial ends meet. It is a very good read. Highly recommended. see the website it will help to sort out Robb White the boatbuilder from Robb White the author of acclaimed young-adult books (his father.)
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