The Last Navigator
by Thomas, Stephen D.
pub. by Henry Holt and Co., NY. 1987 - isbn; 0-8050-0096-8     Appendices (10 of them) p. 237-290     Glossary p. 291-298     Index p. 299-308     total size 308 p.
The story of Mau Piailug - navigator.
Mau is the navigator who sailed and navigated the Hawaiian double canoe Holulea from Hawaii to Tahiti, demonstrating that the old traditional Pacific navigation systems work.
The author, Stephen Thomas is a competent navigator in wesern methods. That fact gave him background and credibility as a serious person when he began his study with Mau Piailug. Stephen traveled to Micronesia to see if he could study under Mau Piailug, the senior navigator on Satawal. He was accepted by Mau and the local chief, and was allowed to study uner Mau.
A quote from Mau Piliug
    To be a palu you must have three qualities
    fierceness, strength, and wisdom
    The knowledge of Naviagation brings all three.
    Fierceness, strength, and wisdom,
    that is a palu - a palu is a man.
Part I - Re Metau The People of the Sea
Stephen begins his student relationship with Mau Piailug.
Part II - The Talk of our Fathers
Stephen learns the details of Micronesian navigation.
Part III - The canoe of Palulap
Which describes the Micronesian outrigger canoe.
This book contains detailed apendices which more than outline how Micronesian navigation works between various islands.
In all, Stephen Thommas spent over a year learning what Mau had to teach.

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