The Happy Isles of Oceania
by Theroux, Paul
pub. by Putnam, NY, 1992 -   -    -       isbn 978-0-399-13726-6   -   528 pages
Theroux travels in the Pacific starting in New Zealand followed by a short time in Austraila, then visits (Melanesia) - - Trobriands - The Solomons, Guadalcanal - Vanuatu - Fij -
(Polynesia) - - Tonga - Western Samoa - American Samoa - Tahiti - the Marquesas - The Cook Islands - Easter Island
Sometimes the style is irritating. The beginning of the book dwells unhappiness related to his recent divorce, which sets the tone for the first part of the book. On the whole a worthwhile read, realizing that the time period described is 1991.

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