The Voyages of Joshua Slocum (Voyage of the Liberdade; Voyage of the Destroyer from New York to Brazil; Sailing Alone Around the World; Rescue of Some Gilbert Islanders)
by Slocum, Joshua and Teller, Walter Magnes
pub. by Rutgers Univ Press - 1958     isbn (none) - blk and white photos - - 401 p.
For all practical purposes this is a - complete works of Joshua Slocum - gathered and presented by Walter Magnes Teller. Slocum had a very interesting sailing career even before his solo circumnavigation of the world (first ever attempted or completed). Note that Joshua Slocum wrote in a very clear and readable style, unusual for writers of his era. For an absolute complete picture of the man also read the biography written by his son, Victor Slocum Capt. joshua Slocum - the adventures of Americas best known sailor .
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