On the Water - Discovering Amerian in a Rowboat
by Stone, Nathaniel
pub by Broadway Books, NY - 2003     isbn 0-7679-0842-2 (pb)
323 pages - maps - few sketch pictures - adventure.
Nathaniel Stone rows a boat around the eastern half of USA. He starts out in New York, heads up the Hudson River, west on the NYS Barge Canal then over on the Allagheny River and down the Ohio River to the Mississippi. He jogs down to Grand Isle to expierence the end of the River. Then follows the NE Gulf of Mexico to Florida and circumnavigates it stopping at Key West and Miami, then on north back to NY City, then just to finish the trip goes on to Cape Cod where he is forced to row around the cape as the Cape Cod Canal is restricted to motor boats. Just for completeness he rows to Eastport, Maine where his trip ends August 17, 2000.
There is good narrative and description.
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