The Man Who Thought Like a Ship
by Steffy, Loren C.
pub. by Texas A and M Univ. Press, College Station, TX, 2012 -       isbn 978-1-60344-664-8 - b&w photos - notes p. 163-175 Glossary of Ship Terms 177-181 - Selected Bibliography p. 183 - index -p 185-196 - it is 196 p.
This is a biography of J. Richard (Dick) Steffy the man who practically invented the technique for re-assembling ancient shipwrecks. It was lovingly written by his son Loren Steffy, who is a writer for the Houston Chronicle. Dick was fascinated by boats and ships at a very early age, making glued paper models. His interest continued into adulthood, and his models became detailed and intricate.
His father, Milt, served in the US Navy in WWI and Dick served on the USS Wyffels (DE6) an Evarts-class destroyer escort in WWII. Dick was an electrician by trade, as was his father. They ran the family business and did electrical work for homes and industrial companies in Denver, Pennsylvania.

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