Food at Sea - shipboard cuisine from Ancient to Modern Times
by Spalding, Simon
pub. by rowan and Littlefield, NY. London, 2015 -       isbn; 978-1-4422-2736-1     LCCN = 2014024370     Illustrated black and white pictures   -   Contents p.vii     Selected Recipes p. 205-220     Notes p. 221-240     Bibliography p. 241-247     Index p. 249-264     About the Author p. 265     265 pages
Simon Spalding covers food served at sea from the ancient world Bronze Age and on in developmental stages of seafaring through the Roman age, the Medieval world, the Age of Exploration both Iberian and northern, the Sailing Navies, 19th Century Merchant ships, Immigrant and Slave Ships, then on to the more modern world of Steam Powered vessels and new food technology such as Canned Food, The high peak of food at sea in Ocean Liners and the advent of refrigeration and finally the current world of Submarines, Cruise Ships and Merchant Container Ships.
Beyond being a book on food, it also organizes the development of seafaring and illustrates the march of progress with respect to the way people travel on the oceans and seas of the world.
The Bibliography is impressive.

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