The Sindbad Voyage
by Severin, Tim
pub. by G.P. Putnams Sons, NY 1982       isbn 0349109958 (later edition) - illustrated,
Tim Severin builds a very traditional dhow using no metal in Oman, the Sohar and sails it from Muscat, Arabia to China.
Chapters -
    Back to the Arabian Nights
    The Coast of Malabar
    The Greenshirts
    Sailors of Oman
    The Sea of Arabia
    The Coconut Rope Islanda
    Christmas in Calicut
    The Kingdom of Serendeeb
    The Doldrums
    Spar Break
    Malacca Strait
    South China Sea
    Appendix I. The Texts
    Appendix II. Sohar

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