The Brendan Voyage - Sailing to America in a leather boat to prove the legend of the Irish sailor saints
by Severin, Tim
pub. by McGraw Hill, NY 1978       isbn 0070563357 - pre pages - aviii, 292 p., [16] leaves of plates - maps - Appendix I The Navigatio. p 238-248 - - Appendix II The Navigatio and Brendon. p. 249-255 - - Appendix III Brendan. with details on construction p. 256-263 - - illustrated,
Tim Severin builds a traditional and ancient leather covered boat (a curragh) as the ancient Irish did and sails it to the New World. Did the ancient Irish make it to America.
Chapters -
    The Idea
    The Sheep Islands
    Faroes to Iceland
    Islands of Smiths
    Pucture in the Ice
    Land in the West

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