Cache Lake Country - Life in the North Woods
by Rowlands, John J.
pub. The Countrtyman Press, Woodstock, NY - copyright 1998 (orig pub. by Norton & Co 1947)       isbn 978-0-88150-421-7 - - 272 p. map, pen and ink illustrations by Henry B. Kane.
Rowlands is an accomplished outdoorsman in the central Canadian wilderness. He builds a cabin and as an observer for a timber company lives the -simple life- in the north woods. For neighbors and friends he has an older Cree indian and a young nature photographer/artist, each of whom live in their own cabins a couple of miles away.
The book establishes the setting then goes through a year of living, describing how life is lived and describing the philosophy of how life is lived in this remote location. There is much description of how to live and thrive in the north woods, and how to be as self sufficient as possible. There are detailed descriptions of how to make several useful things, and how to cook some favorites. This is a delightful and satisfying book. In some ways it might compare with Annie Dillards - Pilgrim at Tinker Creek - ( John Rowlands died in 1976 )

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