My Lively Lady
by Rose, Alec - - 1908-1991
pub by 1968, Nautical Publishing Co., UK 1968 -       isbn 0245595651.
pub. by D. McKay, NY 1969       isbn - - - 185 p. - - illustrated, maps,
English WWII naval officer, became interested in single-handed sailing after the war. He took part in the second single-handed Atlantic race in 1964. He sailed Lively Lady (a 36 foot long ketch which was made in India) around the world. He attempted to single-handed around the world by the clipper route making a race with Francis Chichester, but Rose had a collission very early in the voyage and had to postpone his circumnavigation to the following year (1967-1968.) He arrived home in England and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
~ 1970 ~

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