The Sea Chest - a yachtsmans reader
by Rimington, Critchell, editor
pub. W.W. Norton, NY - 1947, repirnt 1975     isbn 0-393-03183-7 - - LCCN 74-28144 - - 355 p.
This is a book made up of 49 reprinted stories from various sources.
Many of them from the yachting press, but some from newspapers and a few which are parts of books.
Most of the stores are tales of trips on various vessels and are dated from about 1911 to 1941. There are a few other curiousites such as James Thurbers The Story of Sailing by humorist James Thurber and 4 stories on the details of Navigation. It includes Ernest Ratsey writing The Care of Sails which details the care of cotton sails used by serious yachtsmen in 1937. It also includes a history of knots and rope making. Some of the stories are of fairly simple sailing, but many are of adventures, tragedies and some tragedies averted. Many are instructive on what to do and what not to do on the great waters in small craft.
This is an interesting read for those who think of taking boats on the great waters.

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