A Life of Mark Twain
by Powers, Ron
pub. by Pocket Books (div of Simon and Schuster), NY, 2007 (originally pub. by Free Press in 2006) -       isbn 978-14165-2599-8 - b&w photos - notes p.629-682 - bibliograpny p. 683-689 - Acknowledgments p.691-693 - index p. 695-719 - book has 719 pages.
This book is an excellent biography of Mark Twain ( Samuel Langhorn Clemens ). It is also is a tour of the history of the times of his life - from 30 November 1835 to 21 April 1910. He was born when Halleys comet visitied, and died when it next visited. He outlived most of his children and his wife. He was a friend of the great men of literature of his time also of top political leaders, both in USA an Europe.
This is a great ponderous book. It covers a vast amount of time... a long lifespan... and also encompasses the USA from one side to the other and around the world. I highly recommend reading this book.

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