Jagular goes everywhere - mis Adventures in a 300 dollar sailboat
by Pamperin, Tom
pub. by Cedar Street Press, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA, 2014 -       isbn; 978-0-9914617-1-4     LCCN = 2014907079     Illustrated by Eric Bott   -   map on p. 110         222 pages
Tom Pamperin builds a Philip C. Bolger design plywood boat, the Pirate Racer (design 542) with help from Pamperins brother. Then he sails this boat, mostly in northern Wisconsin, USA.
The book is written in 2 major sections, the first being 6 chapters, sailing mostly in Wisconsin, but also includes a longer chapter on his sailing of the Texas 200 , a sailing in company or raid along the Texas Gulf of Mexico coast from Port Mansfield, north past Corpus Christi into Matagorda Bay, ending at the tiny town of Magnolia Beach.
The second part of the boat is a detailed telling of his sailing along the North Channel of Lake Huron, passing from De Tour Village, Michigan north into Canada, then East along the skirt of islands to Manitoulin Island then back to De Tour Village, Michigan and navigating a formal US Customs re-entry to USA.
Much of the book is presented as dialog between the author and his boat, which (who) he named Jagular after the bouncy character in Winnie the Pooh.
Between sailing adventures Tom Pamperin is a teacher.

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