The Fearful Void
by Moorhouse, Geoffrey
pub. by Three Rivers Press - 1988     isbn 0517571145
288p. - - adventure
The author plans and executes to the limit of his ability a walking trip across the Sahara Desert from west to east including a stop at Timbuktu. He is accompanied by a series of guides who he hires along with a number of camels. The hot season catches him and he does not make his goal to walk to the Nile, and makes it just past Tamanrasset in Algeria. He prepared himself well, learning from various other desert travelers and even how to manage camels, and some of the local version of Arabic language before he set out. His last, and most competent, guide was a Tuareg, who carried a great sword. A great read if you are considering a hike in a hot dry place. A very interesting traveling tale. Also read - Sarah Unveiled - and perhaps - Skeletons on the Zahara - and - Charles de Foucauld Charles of Jesus - to get the full flavor of the Sahara.
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