Tinkerbelle - the Story of the Smallest Boat to Cross the Atlantic
by Manry, Robert
pub. by Harper and Row, NY. 1966       isbn (none) -     - ASUB 1st ed. B0007E3TRY     LCCN 67-084286     - - 223 p. - illustrated (there is an Amazon (dot) com (Kindle) ebook version available)
Robert Manry was a newspaper editor with the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He bought and modified a small (13 foot 9 inches long) daysailer and named it Tinkerbelle. He day-sailed it with his family for some time (It was a stock Whitecap design manufactured by the Old Town Canoe Company of Old Town, Maine) He modified it for sailing offshore then sailed it across the Atlantic Ocean. He sailed without letting anyone know about the voyage before he set off, however he was heartily welcomed when he arrived in England. He had the support of his wife.
This is a fun read. The voyage was done for fun, not for establishing any sort of record. Later many others would sail to establish records for size of vessel etc.
~ 1968 ~

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