Running Toward Danger - Real Life Scouting Action stories of Heroism, Valor and Guts
by Malone, Michael S.
pub. by Windrush Pub. Dallas, Texas,( ) in 2015       isbn 978-098590977-2 - , 348 p. total
This book is not an official publication of the Boy Scouts of America

This book is a history of the heroism medal of the Boy Scouts of America. As such it is well written. It does a very good job describing the beginning of the concept at the very establishment of the Boy Scouts of America and the heroism recognition development over time. Each of the chapters contain the details of some of the medalists and their achievements. Each chapter also develops a theme on how the heroism was defined and recognized and what sort of heroism was recognized, set in historical framework given the times discussed. The various quotes sprinkled through the volume are are high quality and do a good job in support of the text.
The physical layout of the book is an amazement. Literally each page seems to be laid out indepent of its neighbors, and often each column independent of the neighboring column. The type used is mercifully very readable, however the type size can vary 3 times within a single page. Sometimes the reader has to look for where the text continues. The photogrphic illustrations are of very high quality and well positioned. The hand drawn illustrations are more jarring than Japanese anime.
The book is a good read, and very worthwhile to develop an understanding of both the BSA and also of the general society of the United States of America.

  Chapters -
    Welcome by Michael Surbaugh, Chief Scout Exec. BSA p. iii
    Preface p. xi
    Acknowlegements p. xii - xv
    Table of Contents p. xvi - xvii
    Prologue - William P. Hemenway, Great Grand Nephew of Daniel Carter Beard p. xix - xxi
    Forward by Hershel -Woody- Williams, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient - USMC Iwo Jima, WWII p. xxii - xxxiii
    Introduction p. xxiv - xxxiv
        Really more like a first chapter.
        A history of very early Boy Scouts of America - James West - Daniel C. Beard and Ernest Seaton - scrambling to keep the organization organized.
    Chapter 1. What Makes a Hero
        The Hero award is created without much thought with expectations that it will be some time before any would be awarded.
        The huge surprise that there are immediately heroes and the Head Office is not prepared. Medal not yet designed.
        The scramble to do the right thing.
        Dan Beard largely in charge of the effort. some involvement by E. Seton. Review committee is really small.
        Almost all the early Hero medals for rescue from drowning, followed by breaking through ice on ponds.
        Special rules on drowning rescues (Victim must be be really drowning)
    Chapter 2. The Ultimate Sacrifice
        When the rescuer dies in the attempt.
        Scouting response - making the boys better prepared so they can survive their heroism. Manditory swimming.
    Chapter 3. Blue Brown and Green
    Chapter 4. A World of Heroes
        Who are doing the heroic rescues. Answer, many different boys and adults.
    Chapter 5. Heros of All Types
        BSA does not keep records by racial or ethnic divisions.
        Unless noted in news stories there is no record of race.
        Through newspaper accounts it is noted that heroes come from all segments of society.
    Chapter 6. Scouts in Action
        Detailed information about how selected heroism was written about in Boys Life magazine.
        At first more fictionalized, or at least without identifying details, then later
        The Scouts in Action stories presented in abbreviated but acurate detail in a cartoon format. Includes details on how that format is developed

    Chapter 7. A New Centry of Heroes
        A collection of heroism stories in modern times, most after WWII.
        Some acomplished by very young Cub Scouts, under age 10.
        There is a lengthy report on the mass heroism by the boys at the
        Little Sioux Scout Ranch tornado disaster on the Oklahoma-Kansas border in 2008.
        Heroism in the 21st Century, using 911 calling and modern methods including AED devices and the anti-choking Heimleich maneuver.

    Epilogue -
        Eagle Scout Matt Moniz and the Nepal earthquake and saving lives on Mt. Everest.
        The new model, how requests for the heroism medals are actually processed
        in the offices at BSA Headquarters. The nuts and bolts of the operation.

    Index p. 335-341
    Credits (photos etc.) p. 343
    Notes - p. 344-346
    About the Author p. 347
    Widnrush publishers p. 348

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