A Waterbiography
by Leslie, Robert C.
pub. by Ashford Press Publishing, Southhampton, 1 Church Rd. Shedfield, Hamshire, S03 2HW England, 1985 - - (first publisheed 1894) -       isbn 0-907069-37-1     - black and white illustrations by the author - Introductory note to this edition by John Leather - 276 pages.
This book is Robert Leslies biography of his time - on the water -. It is delightfully written with those topical chapter headings common in books published at the late 1800s. Leslie is a am amateur waterman... that is a boater, sailor, fisherman and boat designer while he was an artist and daughtsman. He was NOT a racing yachtsman. His wife did not enjoy sailing, but up to a point put up with sailing with him on rare occasions.
Over the years he owned a number of boats, mostly smaller ones.

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