Carry on Mr. Bowditch
by Latham, Jean Lee
pub by Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass, USA, 1955 -       - - LCCN 55-5219 - - later edition isbn 0618250743 -- 251 p. -- illus.
A great young adult level biography of Nathaniel Bowditch, born 1773 - died 1838. American born in Salem Massachusetts and became the undisputed authority on maritime navigation. He is the author of the New American Practical Navigator which was even recognized by the British as the finest work on the subject at the tinme. That book has been updated many times and is still used today (in the 21st century) as the standard text on navigation.
He studied mathematics (including calculus), Latin and French on his own. Although he was not a seaman he did make 4 voyages.
This is written for youth, and is the story of one of great achievement.
~ 1959 ~

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