Sahara Unveiled
by Langewiesche, William
pub. by Pantheon, NY - 1995     isbn 0-679-42982-4
302p. - - adventure
Langewiesche, an American from California, and correspondent for Atlantic Monthly, travels across the Sahara Desert from north (Algiers) South through In Salah and Tamanrasset into Niger, then to the Niger River, which he travels on going west past Timbuktu then Bamako and ending at Dakar Senegal. Read this along with - The Fearful Void - They were experienced just under 10 years apart and are very different in their approach. Read this book to begin to understand northern Africa. I find it interesting that neither author experienced Libya or eastern Egypt. Then there are good reasons. Langewiesche has strong opinions on the situation of the Tuareg who have become to believe what the French say about their past... much to their modern detriment. There are passages about dying of thirst in the desert which are cautionary tales. This trip was taken before GPS was commonly in use. Being lost in the desert often leads to death.
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