Paper - paging through history
by Kuransky, Mark
pub by W.W. Norton, NY, 2016 -       - - isbn 978 -0-393-23961-4 - - 400 p.       - Prologue. The Technological fallacy p. xiii - xx       a few black and white illustrations scattered in the text supporting the text -       - Appendix- timeline p 337 -       Acknoledgements p. 343       - Bibliography p. 347       - Index p.355       coliphon - Paper and Type p. 400
In the Prologue Kurlansky argues that Technogy is driven by need driven by history rather than the common view that a new technology drives history. Throughout the book he makes his case in a lighhanded way.
This book is much more than a history of paper. It covers the history of human written communication throughout the world including Asia - the Middle East - Europe and even the Americas - hand written as well as printed. Toward the end it describes modern paper making in some detail and also the enduring art of hand made papermaking.
I wholeheartedly recommend reading this well written book.
~ 2017-09-11 ~

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