Perfect Storm - a true story of men against the sea
by Junger, Sebastian
pub. by W.W. Norton - 1997     isbn 1857028449 - - HarperCollins paperback isbn 0-06-101351-x - - - the paperback edition has an Afterword p. 290-299 dated 11 January 1999 and an Acknowledgements section p. 300-301 which includes a note on the Perfect Storm Foundation established by S. Junger to provide educational opportunities for the children of Gloucester fishermen.
- - 240 p - maps - photos - historical
The story of a confluence of weather events which made a particularly violent storm off Northeastern USA. which happened 28 October - 2 November 1991. This storm was created by the confluence of 3 different stormy weather events, not often seen.
It details the disappearance and loss of the Andrea Gail a swordfishing boat off the Grand Banks and the rather extreme and heroic rescue of the crew of the Satori, a Westsail 32, captained by Ray Leonard, much farther south on the coast. The yacht was later found undamaged washed up on a sandy beach. A story has been written by the Ray Leonard of that yacht describing the conditions as he saw them and the fact that in his estimation (not the estimation of his crew) that they were not in mortal danger and not in need of rescue.
A response to this book published in 1990 - The Hungry Ocean - a swordboat captains journey - launched the writing career of Linda Greenlaw. She was the captain of the Hannah Boden another swordfishing boat in the area, which was in radio contact with the Andrea Gail shortly before it vanished.
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