all by Jones, Tristan
The Incredible Voyage - pub. 1977
Ice (considered totally fiction by Dalton)
Saga of a Wayward Sailor
Dutch Treat (considered fiction by Dalton)
Adrift - published 1980
Aka (written as fiction)
One hand for yourself, One for the Ship - The essentials of Single-Handed Sailing
A Steady Trade (considered as fiction by Dalton)
Heart of Oak (certainly fiction as far as Jones participation is concerned)
Outward Leg (sailing a trimaran from San Diego, USA to London, UK, after he lost his leg)
- - published in England as - A Star to Steer Her by in 1985
The improbable voyage (Trimaran sailing up the Rhine and down the Danube to the Black Sea.
Somewheres East of Suez - (Trimaran from the Black Sea to Phuket, Thailand) - pub. 1988
To venture further
Seagulls in my soup - published 1991
Encounters of a Wayward Sailor

- - A. Dalton indentifies 9 other manuscripts which have never been published.