The Lost History of Christianity - The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia - and how it died
by Jenkins, Philip - - ( John P. Jenkins )
pub. by Harper One - HarpeCollins Press, NY,   2009    isbn 978-0-06-147281-7 - - 315 p. - - Notes p 263 - 297 (generous notes on each chapter. which create a large annotated bibliography) - -Acknowlegments - - Index
I was chatting about what I had learned from the Omar khayyam biog (listed below) to a friend, and he lent me this book by Jenkins to fill out my knowledge. He did me a good favor. This is an amazing book.
Most of what we in European and American civilization know about Christianity is about (and from) a Roman Catholic and Protestant perspective, with a nod to the fact that the "Orthodox" Eastern churches exist, not giving them much thought. Jenkins opens the doors of history, revealing that huge swaths of the orient from Egypt to China, had hundreds of years of rich Christian heritage.

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