Where have all the leaders gone ?
by Iacocca, Lee
pub. by Scribner., New York, 2007     isbn - 1-4165-3247-7 - - 274 p. - index
Iacocca is a plain spoken writer. This book, published in 2007, was put together with a look at the then upcomming election. Iacocca is totally disgusted with the George W. Bush presidency and offers some things to look for when choosing a leader. His list of things a true leader needs includes Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, Character, Courage, Conviction, Charisma, Competence and Common Sense. All leaders must have these qualities, but none are strong in all areas.
The author has had close contact with a wide variety of world leaders, and writes of his discussions with several. One of the most interesting conversations was that with Fidel Castro.
Even though the election is over, and the primary reason for this book being written may have passed (the presidential election of 2009 being over) it is still a valuable read.
~ 2010-03-23 ~

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