A Voyage Long and Strange - on the trail of Vikings Conquistadors Lost Colonists and other adventurers in early America
by Horwitz, Tony
pub. by Picador (Henry Holt and Co.), NY. 2008       ISBN 978-312-428327 - black and white illustratinos and 15 maps in text as needed - Note on Sources p.391-408 - Bibliography p. 409-420 - Acknowledgments p. 421-422 - Illustration credits p. 423-425 - index p.427-445 -

Horwitz writes in a breezy style. He travels along many of the voyages described probing for traces of the original travels, with very mixed results. He has done his homework and his Noted on Sources alone is a good read. The Bibliography is impressive, but not exhaustive. It is good to see the text accompanied with decent maps.

Chapters -
  Part I - Discovery
      1. Vinland and First Contact
      2. 1492 - the hidden half of the globe
      3. Santo Domingo - the Columbus jinx
      4. Dominican Republic - You think there are still Indians
  Part II - Conquest
      5. The Gulf Coast - Naked in the New World
      6. The Southwest - to the Seven Cities of Stone
      7.The Plains - Sea of Grass
      8. The South - DeSoto does Dixie
      9. The Mississippi - Conquestadors last stand
  Part III - Settlement
      10. Florida - fountain of Youth, River of Blood
      11. Roanoke - Lost in the Lost Colony
      12. Jamestown the Captain and the Naturals
      13. Plymouth a Tale of two Rocks
  Note on Sources

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