Kodoku - Sailing Alone Across the Pacific
by Horie, Kenichi
pub. by Charles E. Tuttle Company, NY 1964       isbn 0003177777 -     - - 233 p. photos, diagrams of the boat
Kenichi Horie built a 19 foot long boat Mermaid from plywood and sailed it across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco, California, USA. He had no permission to leave Japan as at that time it was illegal to sail a small boat and risk ones life. He arrived without documents and was jailed. The mayor of San Francisco found out about the brave Horie and had him released, given a 30 day visa and gave him the ceremonial key to the City of San Francisco.
For some years the boat was on exhibit at the San Francisco Maritime Museum. It is not on exhibit in 2011.
Kenichi Horie has become a major personage in Japen in the yachting community.
There is a film version titled My Enemy, The Sea - - and there are several translations of the book.
Read this to discover how a young man overcomes governmental obstacles to have his adventure.
~ 1970 ~

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