Seldom Dissapointed
by Hillerman, Tony (Anthony) 1914-2002
pub. by Harper Perennial, NY 2002      isbn 0060505869- photos - 368 p.
Hillermans autobiography includes his childhood in dustbowl Oklahoma. The part covering WWII is from the point of view of an infantry rifelman, and that is quite interesting. After the war he became a newspaperman working in NW Texas. He taught English at a Univ. in New Mexico and with some assistance from his wife, wrote an amazing series of mysteries, and a little very interesting non-fiction. Some of this autobiography reads slowly, but it is true to his life, a good life with just touches of drama. He was the Winner of both Edgar and Grand Master awards for his mystery writing and was the president of Mystery Writers of America. He admitted that the general idea for the Navajo police series came from reading the works of Australian writer Arthur W. Upfield who wrote a series of mysteries with a half-breed Australian Aborigine police investigator.
~ 2002 ~

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