Brazil and Beyond - long distance voyaging
by Hill, Annie
pub by Tiller Pub., St. Michaels, Maryland, USA, 2000 -       isbn 1-888671-21-1 -- 321 p. -- illus.
This is they story of a voyage from England to Brazil then south along the east coast of South Amrica to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic which Annie and her husband Pete constructed and on which they lived.
It is also a how to book for voyaging in a 34 foot home built yacht, the Badger.
The Badger is a Chinese Lug rigged 2 masted (schooner), ruggedly made of plywood.
This book is written in a converstional style.
Pete wanted to sail more in the more dangerous and cold southern seas. Annie was more risk adverse. Some time after this book was published they went their own ways, each still sailing, but on different boats.
~ 2001 ~

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