Voyage to Jamestown Practical Navigation in the Age of Discovery
by Hicks, Robert D.
pub. by Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 2011 -       isbn 978-1,59114-376-5 - some maps. diagrams. b&w photos - Glossary p. 179-185- Bibliography p.187-193 - - Notes p.157-178 - index- 205 p.
This book takes the word - navigation - in the broadest sense. Every element of this imaginary trip is explored. It is compared with a small number of written accounts of sailnigs during the same time period. This is a very informatinally dense book. It is a read which takes a lot of background historical knowledge and a great amount of attending the detail. There are rewards, there is much to be learned. Although the Iberian (Portugese and Spanish) earlier history is acknowledged, this book is about the English and Protestant tradition of the time period (1611).

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