The Maldive Mystery
by Heyerdahl, Thor 1914-2002
pub. by Adler and Adler, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 1986      isbn 0-917561198 - black and white photos - bibliography p. 311-312 - map on lining papers - 319 p. .
Significant pre-Islamic anthropological sites are examined on the Maldive Islands (low atols) in the Indian Ocean, south of India and Southwest of Ceylon. A passage through the southernmost of these islands follows the equator. It appears that an ancient trading sea route went between these islands. Ancient artifacts of a more orental nature were found. It is posited that there were warehouses on the islands. Trade may have been the orient and the ancient Mohenjo-daro civilization and other civilizations of the Indus Valley.
~ 1988 ~

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