Attack at Michilimackinac 1763
by Henry, Alexander - - edited by Armour, David A.
pub. by Mackinac Island State Park Commission, Mackinac Island, Michigan, 1971 -       isbn 911872-31-0 - - 131 p.
originally published as Travels and adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories between the years 1760 and 1776 in two parts by Alexander Henry, Esq. pub. by I. Riley , New York, 1809.

This book covers the time period immediately after the end of what in USA we call the French and Indian War when English forces captured what is now Canada from the French. Many of the tribes had sided with the French, and although peace treaties were signed with the French, they had not been negotiated with the indian allies of the French.
The author was a fur trader who ventured west from Montreal up the Ottawa River traveling west across the northwestern edge of Lake Huron to Michilimackinac which is located where Lake Michigan attaches to Lake Michigan. (Previously he had traveled from Montreal to Albany, New York to purchase trade goods and had returned to Montreal via the eastern edge of Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River.) ~2011-11-07~

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