Viking Gods
by Haworth-Maden, Clare. editor
one of the Ancient Cultures series - and much of this material was previously published in Viking Mythology pub. by Chartwell Books,Edison, NJ, USA 1998, (c) Quantum Bks Ltd., London -       isbn; 0-7858-1081-1     highly illustrated in color and Black and White   Glossary of Gods and Goddesses p. 49 -63 - -     this book has 64 p.
Highly illustrated book includes a history - creation myth - of Viking/Teutonic religion. It offers short stories on each of the gods/goddesses relating them to their position in the whole of Nordic myth. It also has a glossary of them at the end of the book, identifying each with a short sentence or two. Early on one can see why Christianity became popular after traditional Teutonic/Nordic religion. Christianity is much simpler, and more positive. This book is a good introduction to northern European myth.

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