Old Indio last of he Karankawa and other short stories
by Hathcock, Steve
pub. Padre Island Trading Company, 104 W. Pompany St., South Padre Island, Texas 78597 - copyright 2010     comb bound   isbn (none) - OCLC (Worldcat) number 701236095 - - 140 p.
Steve Hathcock lists Kay Lay as his editor and has a special acknowledgement to Amy Lindstrom.
This book is a stitched together grouping of 26 stories which are independent chapters each a story mostly about Padre Island, on the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico coast of Texas. They are roughly in chronological order, with the exception of the first chapter which strides from early Karankawa tribe history down to the death of - Indian Joe, aka Emil Guerro - who died some time before 1960, but even the year of his death is unknown.
Hathcock does a total of 21 chapters of informal history of the Island and the more interesting inhabitants.
The last 5 chapters are generally about treasure hunting including techinque on using metal detectors.
An interesting book of local history, where the stories may be simple truth, or truth embroidered. If you are considering a visit to South Padre Island a first read of this book will make it a more interesting experience.

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