Islands at the Edge of Time - A Journey to Americas Barrier Islands
by Hansen, Gunnar
pub. by Islands Press - a Shearwater Book - 1993     isbn 1-55963-252-6 pbk
map, illustrations - recommended reading - 222p. - - nature
Gunnar Hansen traveled from Boca Chica, at the southern tip of Texas around the Gulf of Mexico through Louisiana to Florida and north to North Carolina. He writes on the science, both physical as well as biological of the islands, including the various theories on how they formed. In some parts the science is detailed, in other places his writing is more on a laymans level. Especially on the Atlantic coast side he delves into the social situation as some areas are being rapidly developed for recreational use. His writing on the situation in Louisiana, done long before Hurricane Katrina, predicted the damage done by that storm. This is a readable and interesting book for those who have any interest in coastal South and SE USA. The author is better known for his role as the actor who played leatherface in the original Texas Chainsaw movie. He is a man of many dimensions.
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