New Worlds to Conquer
by Halliburton, Richard
pub. by Garden City Pub. / Star Books / Bobbs Merrill , Garden City, NY 1929       isbn -none -     368 p. total - - maps on endpapers
Halliburton has further adventures, this time in the Western hemisphere.
San Salvador following Christopher Columbus
Mexico - Conquest by Hernan Cortez - climbing Popocatepetl - Mayan Cenote (swam in) and Temple on pyramid -
Ch VI - met Kit from NY - sailing trip - Nicaragua - Kit almost dies fever US Navy medical rescue

Panama Canal swiming began 16 Aug 1928 (date from NY Times report) - finding the Peak of Darien - Balboa (25 September)
visit to Peru where president relates an interesting story on surviving a coup attempt - and visiting with lady
visit to the recently discovered mountain top city of Manchu Picchu
Juan Fernandez Island. Alexander Selkirk
Buenos Aires - Monkey grinder - Iguassu falls Parana River - River travel Parana River - Rio de Januario - Cocacabana

Devils Island. French Guiana
These Devils Island chapters of the book are by far the most interesting and the mose soulful.
chapter XXIV Devils Island from the air starting on p. 262 continuing on theough chapters XXV De Produndis - XXVI
Convict Number 49,766 - XXVII The Blockhaus
- XXVIII Les Iles du salut and xxix Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite through page 330.

playing Robinson Cruso on Tobago Island. (view of Trinidad)
27 June (1929) returned to his parents home.
This book has 33 chapters
There ia a biograhical chapter about when early in life he ran away to sea
This is an - OK - read. The write-up of a young man out for a young mans adventure.
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