Trekka Around the World
by Guzzwell, John
pub. by J. De Graff, NY 1964 (also pub Alard Coles, London)     isbn (none) - LCCN 64-004311 - OCLC 1300650 -   - 195 p. - maps - illustrated
(re pub. by D. McKay Co, NY - - 1979 - - isbn 0828600848 - - isbn pbk 0679513809 - - 199 p. )
(recent re pub. by Fine Edge Productions in 1998 - 285 p. - more pictures - isbn 978-0938665564 or 093866551 )
John Guzzwell built his little yawl (2 mast. a main and small mizzen) in Victoria, BC Canada and set off on 10 Seeptember 1955 to San Francisco, then headed west across the Pacific.
He met up with the Smeetons aboard Tzu Hang in New Zealand and put his voyage on hold while crewing on Tzu Hang back across the Pacific attempting to round Cape Horn. Tzu Hang was pitch poled (rolled over end over end) and had other adventures before getting into the S. Atlantic. He then returned to New Zealand and crossed the Tasman Sea to Australia and continued his voyage.
He arrived at Cocos Island 9 Oct. 1958 - Mauritius 7 Nov. 1958 then Durban and 31 Jan 1959 Cape Town, S. Africa. He arrived at St Helena on 2 March 1959 and Ascnesion Is. on 12 March 1959. He visited Barbados Is. 21 April 1959 and went on through the Panama Canal 12 March 1959. He sailed past the Galapagos Is. and far out into the Pacific (for good wind perhaps) then arrived back in Victoria, BC, Canada on 10 September 1959.
Guzzwell continues to sail and build boats in Washington State, USA.
~ 1976 ~

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