My Home Sweet Home translation of Corrierno delle Famiglie
by Guareschi, Giovanni
pub. by Farrar Straus and Giroux, NY 1966 (Italian version copyright 1954)     isbn (none) LCCN = 66-25133 - - 214 p. - biography - illustrated with some pen and ink sketches.
This is the earlier autobiographical book by Guareschi. Originally published in 1954, the later autobiographical book was first published in 1968. About half of the stories (chapters) in this book are repeated in the later book (The Family Guareschi - chronicles the past and present). As in the later work (which I read first) one gets a look inside Guareschi's family life. Some of the bitterness about unwanted progress evidant in the later work is absent in these stories. One also learns a thing or two about life in Italy. For instance. There are taxes on firewood cut from one's own property brought into Milan, and that there are regular road blocks which may randomly stop and insepect cars and trucks before they enter the city.... in 1954. It is an interesting read, enjoyable with its philosophical ramblings and discussions between family members, and the peek into the minds of the Guareschi family.
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