The House that Nino Built
by Guareschi, Giovanni
pub. by Farrar Straus & Young., New York 1953     isbn (none) LCCN = 53-11210 - - 238 p. - biography - illustrated with some pen and ink sketches.
This is actually auto biography. Giovanni (Nino) enlightens us about his life with his wife Margherita, daughter the Dutchess, and son Albertino. He lets it all hang out. A great part of the book involves building a new house out of town, and other adventures in Milan, which seems to be the nearest big city. Their family dynamics are completely disclosed. The wife who often treats Nino as an adversary, the daughter who often supports the father in disputes, and the son who often supports mom. Told from Ninos position ... it is what being a husband is all about. - lived in Italy, where family disputes are often overheard by neighbors, and commented on by same.
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