The Tony Hillerman Companion - a comprehensive guide to his life and work
by Greenberg, Martin. editor
pub by - Harper Collins, NY, USA, 1994 - - ISBN 0-06-017034-4 - - - LCCN = 93-49507 - 8 pages of black and white photos between p. 152 and 153. maps on endpapers - - 375 p.
This book is in fact 7 separate works bound together.
It begins with a Hillerman Chronology p. vii - viii, a mini biography.
1 - The Detective Fiction of Tony Hillerman. a book-by-book guide - Jon L. Breen - p. 1 - 47
          In which each fiction book by Tony Hillerman which had been published up to 1994
          is reviewed and abstracted. Care is given not to reveal the end
2 - Interview with Tony Hillerman - Jon L. Breen - p. 49 - 70
3 - The Navajo Nation - George Harden - p. 71 - 85
          This is an essay by a Navajo writer from the APA Insight Guide Native America . It was recommended by Hillerman
4 - Native American Clans in Tony Hillermans Fiction - A Guide - Elizabeth A. Gaines and Diane Hammer - p. 87 - 96
          Just what it says it is, an annotated listing of the various Navajo and some Hopi clans mentioned by Hillerman, including the Leaphorn clan which was made-up.
5 - Characters in Tony Hillermans Fiction - a Concordance - Elizabeth A. Gaines and Diane Hammer - p. 97 - 295
          Each character in every book is described. The ones who are in several books get longer listings. It is an immense bit of work.
6 - A selection of Tony Hillermans Nonfiction
            Dinetah, If I Forget You - p. 299
            Why Not Religious Freedom for All Americans - p. 305
            Taos Restores the Spirit - p. 308
            A day in the Life of Chapter Two - p. 316
            Dancing Gods - p. 318
            Skinwalkers - p. 322
            Chaco Canyon - p. 325
            The Budville Murders - Reardon Rules in Action - p. 331
7 - A Selection of Tony Hillermans Fiction
            The Witch, Yazzie, and the Nine of Clubs - p. 341
            First Lead Gasser - p. 355
            Chees Witch - p. 366

Tony Hillerman is one of my favorite writers. He wrote a number of books (7 Leaphorn/Chee) and some others after this guide was published.
He died in October 2008. His autobiography, Seldom Disappointed published in 2001, is a good but not exciting read.
This book is a celebration of Hillerman as a writer. It is critical in some places and follows the authors development as a writer of fiction.
If you are interested in Hillermans writing, this book is for you, especially after you have read the books.
If you are interested in the development of a fiction writer this book is for you.
If you are interested in the Navajo reservation area and/or the people and their ways, this book is for you.

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