Seaworthy - a swordboat captain returns to the sea
by Greenlaw, Linda - 1960
pub. by Viking, NY. 2010 -       isbn 978-0-670-02192-5     - map - 246 pages.
After 10 years of lobster fishing Linda Greenlaw is invited to run a small - 63 ft - swordfishing boat, the Seahawk. The boat is older and poorly maintained.
Greenlaw gathers a crew of people she knows, many of whom are not seasoned swordfishermen, but are older commercial fishermen with lots of on-the-water experience. Their experience is fortunate as after they leave the dock they need to do considerable repair work while fishing.
In her first set of the longline it accidentally drifts into the 200 mile Canadian fishing zone and she is caught by Canadian fisheries people. This results in the boat being directed into a Canadian port, Greenlaw spending overnight in jail, and later being released to continue fishing... outside the Canadian zone. She and her crew rise above their problems and have a minorly successful season.
This book includes a fair amount of introspection. She notes that she is a much more mellow leader than she was 10 years previous, and presumes it is due to mellowing and becoming more mature. In this book it is revealed that she has adopted a troubled teenage girl, Sari. (In 2013 Greenlaw will be releasing a book on her relationship with her daughter.)
Again this is a good read. Revealing much about the way of longline swordfishing in the North Atlantic, and much about Greenlaw herself.

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