A Man for All Oceans - Captain Joshua Slocum and the First Solo Voyage Around the World
by Grayson, Stan
pub by Tilburh House Publishers. 12 Star St., Thomaston, ME 04861, USA -     and the New Bedfored Whaling Museum   - LCCN 2017 934121 - - isbn 978-0-88448-548-3 - - 401 p.       - - Contents p. vi-viii       Introduction p. ix-xiv       Prologue p.1-3
      Chapters 1 through 21 cover every aspect of the life of Joshua Slocum.
      Epilogue p. 335-337
      Appendix A - Ships and Boats of Joshua Slocum p.339-342
      Appendix B - The Sprays Lines Controversy p.343-348
      Appendix C - Sail Plans of the Spray p.349-352
      Appendix D - Henry and Joshua . Walden and Sailing Alone Around the World p.353-364
      Appendix E - The Children of Joshua and Virginia Slocum p.365-75
      Appendix F - Joshua Slocums Recipe for Fish Chowder p.377
      Acknowledgments p.379-301       Sources p.383-385       Index p.387-399       about the author p.401
      many black and white pictures and excellent maps as needed

This is by far the best biography of Joshua Slocum written to date. Grayson did have the opportunity to stand on top of and include the work of all those who preceeded him. He did extensive research and sifted through and normalized all the conflicting information, very often involving dates which were often given casually. Also Joshua Slocum often talked with reporters and others about what were first thought plans which were revised or scrapped later.
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